Program Goal:

 If you want to get a new start in life it is our goal through transitional housing to equip you for successful independent living.

What is transitional housing?

We are committed to help reduce homelessness and relapse from addictions by building community. A community that is supportive, role modeling, accountability, education, and helping you find a job in the community.

For up to 24 months Residents live in a community-style support system. With help from their community and our staff Residents will get your life back on track by gaining employment, participating in classes and training that will support healthy living in the community at BLR and life outside. We have some connections to the resources and tools you need to help yourself achieve your goals.

We help design a plan for each person in our program that meets the individual’s needs. Everyone’s recovery and transitional journey looks different. We are passionate about helping you find the way to successful independent living.


The Process:

  1. Frist apply for our program.  Contact BLR through this website; by email ( or phone (423.797-8532).
  2. If you qualify for our program, you will be contacted by your assigned care counselor after 7-10 business days with information about scheduling an interview.
  3. Upon acceptance to Bristol Lifestyle Recovery you will need to schedule your move in date with our staff. The move in date must be approved by our staff before your arrival.
  4. You will become a part of our community and begin your journey to recovery!