Find a place to serve - and help change lives! 

Be a part of our family by volunteering.  Follow these simple steps:

STEP ONE:  Fill out the Online Volunteer Form - or also see Volunteer Application webpage

Complete Online Volunteer Form

STEP TWO:  Fill out and submit a Volunteer Waiver Form - [CLICK HERE] - online or download and submit by following the instructions on the Waiver sheet.

STEP THREE: After you submit the Volunteer Application you will be contacted by staff in our Involvement/Service area.  An interview will be set up and arrangements made for you to complete our seminar  - "Volunteer Orientation 101"


  1. Moving and Setup (moving furniture and supplies to proper rooms)
  2. Wipe down and sterilization of rooms
  3. Finish painting and trim painting
  4. Landscaping: clean out of some brush areas, trim back trees and bushes
  5. Fence Repair
  6. Exterior touch-up - power washing and cosmetic repairs
  7. Kitchen cleanup and preparation
  8. Inventory of linens and kitchen supplies
  9. Design and customization of Entry, key bathrooms
  10. Cabling and wiring: simple running of Cat5 cabling; electrical outlet testing and repair


  • Cleanout of CPAC (in room air conditioning units)
  • Electrical repair (outlet repair and some wire replacement
  • Trim painting and finish painting
  • Simple faucett and toilet repair
  • Plummer level repairs and enhancements
  • Install/modify showers
  • Install construction-barriers in hallways with locking door inserts
  • Door locksets installed
  • Kitchen stainless steel preparation and cleaning
  • Floor machines: preparing and buffing/waxing