Diversion Programs

A 5-7 month residential program emphasizing work on paid jobs. Divertees perform physical labor in organized public works projects/community service projects and at some prison complexes. Programs provided are employment counseling, substance abuse education, NA/AA groups, basic education/GED preparation, parenting skills, independent living skills, transitional services, and coping with domestic violence. Divertees participate in random urinalysis testing, medical and psychological counseling, Breaking Barriers, transitional services, and are evaluated for therapeutic treatment groups. Divertees have a mandatory period of intensive supervision followed by at least one year of regular supervision upon successful program completion.

Nonviolent felons, as referenced in §19.2-316.1, with no age restriction other than tried/convicted as an adult and physically and emotionally suited for the program. A nonviolent felony refers to any felony except those pursuant an act of violence as defined in §19.2-297.1.

We will work with the Courts, probation & parole, and the prisons to provide safe housing in an atmosphere conducive to healing and recovery; we will comply with all requirements placed upon each resident by the Crimal Justice system as to drug screenings, curfews, etc. and we will work with local employers to provide jobs with living wages so residents are able to live on their own and pay their way once they finish their program at Bristol Lifestyle Recovery.